:: Summer Scenario

The wind was up from the North early this morning but it's starting to nudge around to the North-West now.  That should be good news if you you're looking for a surf this morning.  It was weak and lumpy early on the 6am high tide but with tide dropping and the wind swinging things should be in the improve.  There's a gusty Southerly change due this afternoon and the chance of some thunderstorms - it's a bit of a summer scenario. If you missed the premier of Analog's new film Chromatic a couple of weeks back at The Steyne, no need to stress.   Last night they released the film worldwide and online for your viewing pleasure.  The opening wave is pretty scary, even in the safety of your deskchair watching it on the computer screen!  Check it out here while you wait for the wind to change!


DAILYMurray Fraser