‘Stralya Day

Man yesterday was a hot and sweaty day and Manly was packed to the rafters!!  30,000 people wandered up The Corso and parked themselves on the beach to celebrate Australia Day.  While the Queenscliff end had a great family friendly vibe, the area directly in front of The Corso seemed to be teetering on the edge of a riot for a good part of the day.  More than the usual roster of police, some in roit gear and a number on horseback, made their presence obvious and for the most part kept the peace amongst what seemed like a mostly out of town angsty teenage crowd.  A strange mentality seems to have crept into the celebration of National Holidays which I can't really get my head around. However the day was a cracker despite the vibe in front of The Corso and if you got in the water beyond the fog you would have noticed there were some super fun waves out there.  The Bold and The Beautiful had a huge turn out to sing the National Anthem and swim the South Steyne to Shelley Beach course.  The fog against the pink caps made for quite a spectacle!   Keep an eye out for a video to come from the swim.   The esplanade park was packed from beach to car park the length of the beach with people celebrating the spirit of the day.  Overall there were way more good eggs than bad ones.

This morning there were some fun waves about if you managed to dust off the Australia Day hangover and paddle out.  The East swell just keeps giving and there's some nice shaped sandbanks along the beach.

Now, back to work!