The sun came up behind a thick bank of clouds this morning filtering orange light through to the beach.  It wasn't the neatest sunrise of the year but it made for some interesting viewing if you were up early enough for the colour show.  Wasn't long before grey kicked in as the primary colour and that's where we're most like to stay for the remainder of the morning. Oh, and a chance of a shower. The surf appeared to be only mildly amusing this morning with bumpy surface conditions and a decrease in swell.  But, with that said, you've got to be on board to feel it and you don't get the feeling standing on the beach.  Those that made it to the line up seemed to be scoring some joy.

In Surfing News: Quiksilver announced the $1 Million Quiksilver Pro New York yesterday.  A Million bucks on offer in the big Apple!  Chairman, if you're reading this - I'm on the plane next to you! More Surfing News: Global Surf Industries wants to give you a board every year for the next 10 years. Sweet!  All you've got to do is tell them why your life is better because you surf in 150 words or less.  If you're judged the best, you score to loot!