Spring Untitled

Didn't feel like Spring this morning.  Sure it was reasonable warm but where were the flowers blooming, bird singing and most of all, where was the Sun?  Nowhere to be seen!  But, to be honest if the flowers, birds and sun all surfed they probably would have been better off having a sleep in anyway.  There's very little in the way of surf this morning and very few attempting it.    Brennan and his boys were down for the obligatory pre-wedding surf but that was pretty much it. Despite the lack of surf the heavy clouds moving in over Manly made for an interesting morning.  Beautiful light and endless pink and purple hues contrasted against a dark ocean and sky.   I dig that kind of sky!

See you tonight at The Steyne for the Spring Launch.  We'll have flowers, birds and enough warmth you'll think it's Spring even if is doesn't feel like it on the outside.  Downstairs from 6pm then upstairs for the launch of Moonshine from 8pm.  Going to be a hoot!

DAILYMurray Fraser