Final Winter

The final sunrise of Winter was pretty slow as the sun fought to break through some heavy clouds out on the horizon.  Sunrises like this morning make for some interesting light but they keep the colour palette very neutral and a little dull.  There's only a tiny bit of swell sneaking into Manly and most of it is being swallowed by the high-tide.  If you don't have a log this morning then swimmings your only option.   Tomorrow there's a longer period South Swell on the charts but it's only small and probably won't make much of a ripple at Manly.  Maybe head for something a little more South facing. In New York City the Quiksilver Pro is back on after rumors spread like wildfire in internet-land yesterday of a cancellation in the wake of Hurricane Irere.  Apparently the Long Beach City Council had more important things to deal with than the richest surf contest in history so pulled the pin but backfliped in the decision after some persuasion by local surfers and Quiksilver heavy Bob McKnight.  Sounds like things are a bit of a mess at Long Beach, NY but the Quiky event team are working around the clock to get things ready for the kick off this weekend.

Don't forget the Spring Launch tomorrow night at The Steyne

∆ Murray

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