:: Spring Training

Spring's knocking on the door and I think we're ready to welcome her in.  Yesterday we saw temps up in the mid-twenties and although that stiff Westerly change yesterday afternoon shook things up a touch we're in for a nice weekend of weather.  Should be spring like temperatures nudging 20 degrees for the next couple of days.   The personal training groups must love this time of the year as people wake up from their winter hibernation and start looking to get their Spring Training regime on track.  They were out in force this morning! There's still a tiny little bit of NE wind swell out there this morning which is a bit of a surprise given the strength of yesterday afternoon offshore.  I suspect there may even bit a little bit of South swell in the mix as Queenscliff seems to have a touch more size and punch than the southern end of the beach.  Either way, you'll need a log or something with sufficient foam to get some joy of it this morning.

Enjoy your weekend! ∆ Murray

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