:: Monday Crowd

Heavy clouds dominated the skyline this morning creating a beautiful back drop of light and shadow for this morning's session.  There wasn't much motion in the ocean but the waves that were breaking were perfect longboard peelers for a Monday Morning crowd of two.  Not too many days you can surf with just one other person at Manly, no matter what the waves are like. The cold was back this morning chilling the bones proving that last week was just a false start to Spring.   This week it's looking like a mixed bag of temperatures with a couple of days in the mid twenties and a few in the high teens.  Don't put the jackets away just yet!

There's an extra special fundraising screening of Storm Surfers 3D tonight at Warriewood.  Tom Carroll will be there to talk us through the film and answer your questions in the foyer afterwards.  Grab your tickets online.

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