:: Sandstone

Deadman's is a wave that rarely breaks and is even more rarely surfed, except by a group of hard charging locals who's eyes light up and the faint sniff of a huge South Swell.  It's a tricky wave that breaks heavily on a submerged sandstone ledge under the cliffs beyond the Bower.  This morning Deadies was starting to come alive as the tide dropped out under the sandstone cliff.  From a distance it was looking deadly, I can only image what it was looking like from the water. The weather's eased from yesterday, the swell's kicking around to the South-East and this morning the wind was straight offshore; it's due to go around to the South.  It's going to take a bit of time for this sea to settle but with a better direction and a Westerly doing it's best to groom the faces there were at least a couple more options opening up this morning.

:: Murray