:: Cornered


Wild morning out there this morning!  The Bureau are running a Severe Weather Warning for Gales and Damaging Surf with winds gusts up to 100km/h and we're in the thick of it.  The swell that's been whipped up overnight is huge but it's mostly going straight past us, only the most exposed parts of the coast are copping the full force.  Looking out towards Long Reef, the German Banks are a treacherous mess of whitewater.  Must be huge out there! The only clean option this morning was tucked tight in the corner at South Steyne.   These kind of swells seem to light up the novelty waves around town and in the harbour.  If you look heard enough, you'll find waves in the harbour in places you'd never think surfable.  Be careful though, I saw a couple of loose yachts washing up on the harbour beaches.  Stay safe!

:: Murray