:: Run


Hope you've been outside today.  It's one of those days...  again.  They just keep coming and without jinxing it, they may even continue through the long weekend.  The Manly Jazz Festival is on this weekend and it's usually the most effective rain dance in the history of mankind.  I think it's rained every year I've ever planned on going.  Right now, the Bureau has a double thumbs up Saturday, a single thumbs up for Sunday and a sideways thumb for Monday; that's not such a bad outlook for now. It you're looking for waves right now you might need to travel.  It's pretty flat and there's a light northerly feathering the surface.  Still, it's looking very inviting for a dip.  Might be a fresh swell pushing through tomorrow afternoon.

:: Murray

PS.  Did you catch that sunset yesterday afternoon?  OMG - that was something else!  I missed the best of it but I bolted down to The Corso and manage to get one frame before it faded to night.

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