:: Eagle vs Rooster


If you asked anyone in the world who would win in a match up between a rooster and an eagle I reckon the answer would be eagle 100 percent of the time, it's a no-brainer.  I mean, I've seen some cocky roosters in my time but none that could match it with the talons and power of a Sea Eagle. This weekend the Manly Sea Eagles will take on the Sydney City Roosters for the National Rugby League Premiership.  There may be a Rooster in the masthead of this email but our support is squarely in the Manly corner.  It's going to be a huge weekend in Manly with bucket loads of sunshine, the Jazz Festival swinging, a public holiday Monday and the pride of the peninsular playing in the Grand Final.  With a line up like that,  is there a better place to be this weekend?!

On the beach it's been a tale of two mornings .  At dawn it was cold, cloudy, dark and moody but by 8am the sunshine had reclaimed the day and what a magic one it it.  Waves are small but there's a little South Swell out there if you're keen to chase it.  Much the same tomorrow.

Have a great weekend. :: Murray