:: Restaurants


As predicted the swell came up significantly yesterday afternoon and the 8ft bombs of the morning were replaced with 10ft sets and rogue 15 footers.  By the time we were going to head back out to Cloudbreak after lunch word was the wind had ripped into it rendering it almost unsurfable.  Couple of the boys from Namotu came back with broken boards and snapped leashes after copping a 15 footer on the head. When Cloudbreak is maxing out that's when Restaurants really to comes to life.  Restaurants runs mechanically down a shallow reef directly out front of the Tavarua Restaurant   It's hollow, it's shallow and it stays perfectly true to the reef making it one of the best barrels on the world.  I saw a guy disappear 3 times on one wave (Pic #3) only to emerge again and ride out of a barrel the full length of the Restaurants reef.  One of the longest barrels I've ever seen!

All the photos today are from Yesterday afternoon.  Today's the peak of the swell and the winds are looking better.  Fingers crossed we're going to score! ∆ Murray