:: Cloudbreak

Bula again from the Fiji Islands! Apologies for the interrupted transmissions.  It's been more like Sprout Weekly lately than Sprout Daily but I've busy shooting and living on Island Time.  The good news is that the swell's on the rise and it's going to be jacking up to some serious size this afternoon and tomorrow.  It's not going to be as big as last June but it's big enough for several of the world's premier big-wave riders to fly in for the swell.  Charts are saying 10-15ft by this afternoon and tomorrow. That's big no mater where you're from. This morning might have been the leading edge of the swell or perhaps an underlying pulse, either way there were a couple of solid 8ft Cloudbreak freight trains riffling through.  Great to be in the water and watch a world-class wave starting to come alive.  I'm looking forward to this afternoon and tomorrow.  Follow Sprout Daily on Instagram for more regular updates.  I'll get something out everyday this week, promise.

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