Spooky Rise

Spooky Rise

Good morning to you from the Bay.
We were out hunting sunrises again this morning (as you do in Byron), this time from deeper in the bay at Belongil Beach. It was a grim outlook early with heavy clouds blocking the light but just as the sun was rising above the cape the clouds parted and gave us a spooky, diffused glimpse of our closest star above Byron's iconic lighthouse. 

The swell's pretty small here in the Bay today, but it's surfable if your craft of choice is up in the +9 foot range. And surfable here at The Pass still means you're in for a 50m runner from rock to boat ramp; it's about as much fun as you can have in 1 foot waves! Warm water, boardshorts / bikini's, sunshine and 1 footers - yep, that'll do! Hope you're scoring something surfable at home!


Murray Fraser