:: Opposing

Had a bit of a shocker this morning trying out some experimental settings in the water housing.  They didn't work that well and not only did I miss a couple of great opportunities I ended up in an underwater collision with Transfer Magazine's Nick Gregory.  It would have been a nice shot if it'd been in focus and might have justified the underwater entanglement and the forehead gash that Nick sustained.  Sorry buddy - but don't worry, the camera's alright!  If you want to see the two crucial moments check out the Facebook page. There's still plenty of power and push to the swell this morning and with so much water moving out at North Steyne it made getting in the right spot for a shot pretty tricky.  After the glow of the sunrise this morning it turned into an opposing dark and grim morning with chunky, meaty waves.  There were a couple of nice waves around but with rips and gutters through the line up finding yourself in position for a good one was a challenge.  This Easterly swell should hang around for the next couple of days so there'll be waves all up the Beaches over the weekend.

For Local Focus today Tatianna headed over the hill to check out what's going on at The Damp Store at the back of Curly.  Matt's got a cool thing going on over there he's hosting an event tonight with artist Ape Seven so drop in and check it out.

Enjoy the weekend!

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