:: Crescent Moon & The Morning Star

After weeks of rain and miserable weather our lucks finally turned and it's looking like a week of sunshine ahead.  Finally time to open the windows and dry the house out!  There was just a sliver of moon hanging above the Queenscliff Headland this morning but you had to be up early to catch it.  It was so fine that it faded with The Morning Star as soon as there was a bit of light in the sky.  Got to love these crisp clear mornings! The East Swell has all but faded and a South Swell has filled in where the East left off making for some fun waves on the more exposed stretch of the beach.  It's clean and offshore and well worth a paddle if you've got the time.  Plenty of Monday Morning Crew taking advantage and getting their fill before work.  There's a whole bunch of images on Facebook if you want to check out the full story from the morning. Vote for Darren Percival Darren's a good mate of ours and such a nice bloke so we'd love to see him get through and win The Voice.  Get onto Facebook and vote for the big guy!

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