Monday Sun Day

It's Monday morning and the Sun is shinning.  The Swell's down but so are the crowds with the kids back to school and everyone surfed out from one of the longest runs of decent swell Sydney's seen in years.  There's plenty of highlight packages from last weeks marathon swell all over the web if you need a dose of surf froth.  Today we've got a neat little South-East swell of 1-2 foot with the occasional bigger one.  It's clean as a whistle with a very light offshore although the banks are looking a touch deep again.  I reckon we're going to need a good run of small Easterly swell to push a bit of that sand back into line before the banks get back to normal. Over in Africa the Billabong Pro J-Bay took another layday yesterday with expectations for a swell towards the end of the week high amongst the organisers.  Check in at 7am South African time for today's contest call.  In the mean time, round one highlights and other news from Jefferey's can be found here.

DAILYMurray Fraser