Dayyan Day

It's was freezing down the beach this morning!  Coldest morning I can remember for a long time - for ever maybe!  In the end I had to trade the cold steel of my camera for a steaming latte just to get some feeling back in my hands.  Too cold!! The waves are still up and the banks seemed to have gelled with this morning's high tide.  There's some really nice shaped sand around and the early morning crew were having a field day, particularly one Mr Dayyan Neve.  It might look like I was a little one-eyed with the lens this morning but when you've got an World-Class surfer ripping it's hard to take note of anyone else.  Dayyan was tearing the bag out of his home break with a 4 second backhand tube and a full series of vertical re-entries!   Perhaps he's warming up for a serious crack at the Australian Open of Surfing to be held at Manly in 2012.  Be great to see a local take home the prize a la Larry Blair in the 1978 Coke Surfabout!

Weekend is looking good for waves.  Wind forecast is good too except for a funky little onshore Saturday afternoon.  If you've been waiting all weeks for waves you should still find a few to your liking.   Don't forget to pop over the Bondi Pavilion for the Some Like It Hot event on Sunday evening.  Have a good o

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