Every now and then I do some commercial photography work.  Yesterday was supposed to be an early flight up to the Gold Coast, shoot all day then a late flight home in the evening.  Easy.  With my mind occupied with day's work ahead as  I didn't check the news and had no knowledge of the cloud of volcanic ash sneaking into Sydney's airspace.  The flight up to the Gold Coast was without drama but by mid afternoon all flights into and out of Sydney had been canceled and I was marooned on the  Gold Coast.  Not a bad place to be stuck if you like crystal clear water, warm winter sunshine and highrise apartments on the beach.  I'm just kicking back here on the beach sipping latte's at trendy cafes.  Hey, I'm stuck. It's legit.  Help! Word is there's no waves in Manly and there ain't any up here either;  we're looking at a measly 1 ft of NE wind swell at Surfers Paradise.  I took a stroll through the skyscrapers to see what's been happening in the town that I grew up in.  I remember years ago there was debate about how high and how close the highrises should be to the beach front.  Something about trying to reduce the impact of shadow's cast on sun bakers lazing the beach in the afternoon.  Doesn't look that that's much of a concern these days with the biggest highrise apartment building I've even seen built right on the water.  It's all about big is better up this side of the border and those shadows just help reduce skin cancer anyway.  You know you that's how you like it!

Hopefully I'll be back this evening and shooting in home territory tomorrow.  Enjoy your day and don't forget to cast a thought to me and my latte; stuck up here in paradise.

DAILYMurray Fraser