Adventures of the Early Birds

If you didn't score waves in Sydney over the weekend you must have been hiding under a mat.  It's been pumping all weekend with clean crisp offshores fanning and 4ft + ESE swell.  The banks in Manly are a little funny as consecutive swells  have moved tons of sand offshore so you've got to find the right bank for the tide.  There were a few options working on this morning's mid-tide and the crowds were way down on the weekend numbers.   Seems like the late 7am sunrise has squeezed some of the pre-work crew out leaving those in the water happy with the extra space.  Further up the beaches there's some really nice shaped sand and they're receiving the full grunt of the ESE swell;  I'd be taking a drive if I had the time. Tomorrow and Wednesday the Coastalwatch models are showing an unusual North swell direction with the Bureau forecasting gusty offshore winds.  Could make for some interesting conditions.

DAILYMurray Fraser