:: Maldives


The Maldives is in the middle of the northern part of the Indian Ocean half way between Africa and Indonesia and South-West of Sri Lanka.  It's close enough to the equator to enjoy light winds and far enough North to receive a consistent stream of long period south swell from the storms that spin North out of the Roaring Forties East of Africa.   It's pretty much a dream scenario for surfers; light winds, warm clean water, long-period swell. Yesterday was day two onboard Carpe Vita in the warm waters of The Maldives. We've surfed a truckload in the two days since we've been here but so far it's maxed out at head-high.  Hopefully we're in for a little pulse tomorrow.

Word online is Sydney's enjoying a nice run of swell right now!  Hope you're getting amongst it!

:: Murray