:: Fun Time


One of the nice things about the Maldives is the waves are relatively mellow.  My quiver consists of a 5'10 keel-fin twiny and a 6'0 round tail.  The 5'10 twiny is my regular go-to board in Sydney and it's pretty much the perfect board for the mellow runners of Maldives.  No need to pack the pin-tails for a trip over here. We've had shoulder-high waves almost every session but every now and then the Indian Ocean throws a 4 footer at you and you get a sniff of a tube.  It's not the top to bottom barrels of Indonesia;  just some of the funnest waves you'll ever surf.

Rusty Manly are throwing a Film Launch Party tonight and Surfrider Foundation are doing a beach clean-up at Manly this Saturday at 12noon - Feel like getting involved?  You can - just click!