:: Last Day of Christmas


Back to reality today.   We're in the boarding lounge of Fiji International Terminal waiting for Pacific Airways Ft.911 back into the land of internet, emails and responsibility.  I just glanced quickly at the SMH and saw that things have been a little topsy-turvey in Sydney.  Big swells and dead humpback whales washing into the ocean pool at Newport Beach.   When we left Manly there was a beautiful big humpback playing in Cabbage Tree Bay then the next thing there's one washed up in a ocean pool.  It was a sad and heavy sight! Today's posts come from our last day fly fishing at Christmas Island.  It was the perfect way to end the trip with a some nice size Bones and a couple of decent sized Trevally caught on flys.  We also had the chance to jump into the channel and swim with a group of about 100 Spinner Dolphin's.  Beautiful hanging under the water watching these guys zipping around playfully.  Huge thanks to Paul Hickman from Enoch and Glenn from Angling Adventures for the travels

That's our flight being called - got to run.  Tomorrow should be a good day of surfing back in Sydney with a fading SE swell and offshore on the cards all day.  See you tomorrow. ∆ Murray