:: Fading

There's still some swell about on the Northern Beaches this morning but it looks to be fading fast.  From the talk I heard on the beach it sounded like yesterday morning was macking and the places that were holding the size were as good as they get.  Hope you had your big board waxed up and you scored a couple of screamers - or at least saw a few from the safety of solid ground. This morning it's 3-4ft with the occasional bigger set in the mix.  The wind's offshore making for icy conditions and the high-tide isn't doing the banks any favours but there's waves and it's well worth a paddle while this swell hangs around.  The weekend ahead looks to be a sunny affair with the swell continuing to drop through to Sunday.

I dropped into The Shop Next Door yesterday afternoon and was stoked to see that Rhythm have set up shop for the next installation of Taylor's pop-up residency program.   There's some beautiful imagery on the walls and neat threads for the new season on the racks.  Drop in and check it out.

It's good to be home. Enjoy your weekend. ∆ Murray

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