:: Island Time

Bula from Fiji!  Sorry for the lack of communication of late, I've been out on the wonderful Island of Namotu in Fiji for the last week or so and I've slipped into Island Time.  It's pretty easy to let the hours slip by into days and all of a sudden a weeks gone by.  This place is pretty amazing when it comes to wave choice with 4 world class waves with a stone's throw from the Island.   It's a photographers and surfers dream!  The waves and weather have been pretty good so far with good waves out at Cloudbreak as well as Swimming Pools, Lefts and Wilkes. Today we've got wind and the kite's are out.  It's not good for surfing but there's a sizey swell incoming and we should see a return to lighter wind by midweek.  Today's photo's are a selection from last week.  I'm here shooting from the next 2 weeks and I'll be posting as much as I can.

Catch you soon! ∆ Murray

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