I ∆ Clouds

I love clouds.  Flying in planes I lose hours staring out into the endless soft curves and contrasts that make up the shape of the clouds below.  This morning we had quite an array of clouds making up the backdrop to some fun little waves.  High level, low level;  Cumulus, Cirrus, Altostratus, Altocumulus; all the interesting stuff.  And the early morning light was adding some beautiful tones and contrasts to the scene.  I couldn't help exposing for the clouds and leaving the surfers as mere silhouettes.  If you dig the fluffy while forms above your head check out the Cloud Appreciation Society - these guys really love clouds! There's 2-4ft of South swell and a crisp offshore breeze making it nice and chilly down the beach.  Feels like winter again in Sydney and compared to the Maldives it's downright nearly freezing.   Rug up and enjoy your day.

∆ Murray

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