:: Huh?


The waves were cracking this morning; it was a decent size too!  I saw double overhead bombs going off all the way from South Steyne to Queensie.  Don't know where this swell's come from;  it's a bit random for this time of year to cope a solid Nor-East swell but no one's complaining. I took a swim out with the water-housing this morning thinking I'd get a few epic pictures.  I swam out in the rip next to Queensie pool and all was going to plan until a set broke out back.  A that stage I was at the mercy of the rip; there was so much water moving!  I ended up getting out the back at North Steyne clubhouse and eventually swam in at The Steyne Hotel without getting a single shot.  Not a great session!  Wish I'd waited another hour as it seemed to settle down after the 8:30am high tide.

Hope you got some waves this morning.  The wind's into it now and it wasn't looking pretty when I left it an hour ago.

:: Murray