Home or Away?

The South Swell has arrived and it's crisp and clean with a healthy offshore breeze feathering lips up up and down the beaches.  I took a drive North at dawn this morning to see what was happening a little further up the beaches.  South Swell isn't our favourite direction but noone's complaining; there's waves back on the menu and people are feasting after a week of relatively meager conditions .  Dee Why seemed to be hosting the lion's share of people but if you don't mind coping the odd sledgehammer closeout you might find yourself in lesser company by driving a little further afield.  Back at Manly the banks are holding up ok considering the extreme South swell direction.  Where would I surf?   Don't know yet... Weekend's looking good with more swell and continued offshore winds for the whole East Coast.  If you like surfing and sunshine you're going to have a good time whether you're home or away.  Enjoy yourself out there and we'll check back in on Monday!

DAILYMurray Fraser