Big 'n' South

Swell's been with us a couple of days now and it's not letting up, in fact it's looking like it'll stick around all week.  This morning looked like it may have been a touch bigger than the weekend but by noon today it had jumped significantly.  There's a huge South Swell out to sea with most of it going right on past us here at Manly.  What is coming into Manly is pretty straight except for a few shapely ones out at the Bower.   Out to sea you can see the outside reefs and bombora's from Queensie to Long Reef throwing up roster-tails as the offshore whips the tops of anything that peaks up.  It's quite the spectacle and should make for some beautiful scenes as the winter sun drops in the afternoon. Apart from a few inside corner options, it's pretty much big wave chargers only today. Grab your guns or just go down and catch a bit of the action while you sip a beer at sunset.

DAILYMurray Fraser