Friday Five

Little bit warmer today so you can shed that extra hoodie this morning.  It's going to hit a week high of 20 today but slip back to a top of 17 tomorrow with strong westerlies.  Rug up with boots and all!  If you're into snowsports this could be your winter to head to the hills. There's a truckload of South swell out to sea but it's not doing Manly surfers any favours. It's small refracted swell on our stretch of beach and mostly closeouts except for the odd one here and there that finding the right corner of sand.  Manly Lifeguard Cam Gray shed the ugg boots and woolen coat for some nasal trimming before putting throwing the flags up.

South Swell on the increase tomorrow so go further afield than Manly if you're chasing the pepper.  Good luck and Enjoy!

DAILYMurray Fraser