Cool Monday

Coldest start to winter ever?  And it's not even winter yet!!  Holding on to the lens became somewhat of a battle pre-dawn this morning - it was so cold!  It was 5.6 degrees at Terrey Hills at 7am; add to that a bone chilling Westerly and you've got yourself an apparent temp of 1.6 degrees!!  That's cold huh!!  Down the beach wouldn't have been much different.  But the water's still 20 degrees so it's your best best for a warm start to the morning. The groms don't seem to feel the cold and after yesterday's North Steyne Boardriders they were frothing to get out first thing this morning and continue the competitive spirit.  There were 3 or 4 groms taking the shorey apart before I made it to the beach at dawn with my shakey, freezing fingers.  Jamie Krupps came out as King of the Groms today with a handful of micro tubes and decent whacks of the top.   You can catch Jamie's shorey tube riding prowess on Facebook.  Ripping boys!

Stay warm or pack your bags and head north! See you tomorrow.

DAILYMurray Fraser