:: Framed Glimpse

Good afternoon; it's still morning in Queensland but Manly's home and I'll still working in NSW time.  There's a bit of rain about and some nasty onshore winds here in Noosa this morning.  It's ok because Noosa is mostly protected but the swell lines wrapping around the points are a little unruly.  The great thing about Noosa is that on days like today, the further the swell wraps down the points the cleaner the waves get and there's five separate point to filter the swell!  It's truly a wonder.

Little Cove had the cleanest lines this morning but it was only about 1-2ft.  It's beautiful shooting through the trees and branches of the National Park that hug the points here in Noosa.  Along the path you get these neat little glimpses of the loggers below as they glide down the line-up at Little Cove.  There's more swell on the cards for the next couple of days so things could get very interesting indeed.

PS.  Even though I'm in Noosa, the Surf Forecast and Weather below is still for Manly.  Just FYI in case you're wondering

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