:: Afternoon Tea


There's no better time to surf Noosa then late afternoon when the dropping sun bathes the National Park Points in a warm blanket of yellow and orange.  The waves were small yesterday arvo but it was perfect for logging and with Australian's best in town and a crew of seriously talented locals there was plenty of hot doggin happening on the points.  Tea Tree is the second furtherest point out in the Noosa National Park but the most consistent for long peeling log waves.  I headed out late in the afternoon yesterday to take in the action and beautiful light.

Just took a look at the forecast for Manly and it's looking like there's a few days of NE wind swell on the cards.  In contrast, we're going to see in increase in swell and a swing around to a more Easterly direction for the rest of the week here in Noosa.  All positive!  Come join us, everyone else is already here!!

∆ Murray

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