:: Flip Side

If today's your first day back at work then you're on a good thing.  It's pretty average outside with a light onshore breeze making for lumpy conditions in the water and the occasional shower preventing any dry external activities.  It looks like the week ahead is going to be much the same with clouds and showers ducking in and out.  Waves are going to hang around the 2 foot mark with light onshores and perhaps the odd offshore moment in the morning.  Good week to be back at it.

I thought I'd bring you the flip side of *One Perfect Day this morning.  Last Wednesday's perfection ended with some heavy clouds rolling in early evening.  There was just enough light to create some beautiful colour and texture in the sky and the sea was a flat and clear reflection of the sky.  Here's some of the images from early evening last Wednesday. 

DAILYMurray Fraser