:: Darkness


Had gremlins in my water-housing this morning - it's Friday the 13th so there was something supernatural going on.  After an hour and a half of shooting from dawn this morning I got into the studio and realised I captured 300+ images of darkness.  Not the most captivating of images.  With a bit of pushing and pulling of the levels I managed to revive some light and colour from a couple of files.  Dam Gremlins!! The swell's dropped a touch today but the direction seems to be favouring us a little better with a couple of ridable options.  I dare say a drive over the hill and up the beaches might have been more rewarding if you were looking for some juice.

So Much Happening! There's a ton of stuff going on this weekend.  Tomorrow the Wills Joy Memorial Competition will be held as Queenscliff Beach on Twin Fins.  You can register online or turn up before the first heat starts and put your name down.  Over the hill at Freshwater Beach the Annual Duke's Day will be celebrating all things surfing and aloha.  Duke's Day kicks off this evening with a cocktail function at Freshwater SLSC and talks about the experience of Aloha.  Click through for details.  Oh, and The Beautiful Girls are playing tonight at the Mona Vale Hotel - epic way to kick off the weekend!

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