:: Encore

The fire sky was back for an encore performance this morning.  Funny that these sunrises seem to come in pairs; I guess it's probably something to do with weather patterns and the atmosphere but I remember back in June 2012 near the Winter Solstice we had a couple of stunners in a row.  If you'd like to go back click here and here. On the surf front it's a bit like groundhog day.  The swell's still up from the Nor-East and there's a light onshore breeze.  It's semi-protected up at Queensie and the banks are in the same good form they've been in all week.  This afternoon we're going to see a little bit of offshore wind before a southerly change and rain,  just in time for Autumn.  Might be a good day to take advantage of whats on offer.

Score Vertra Sunscreen -  #futurecovered  Yesterday surf industry legend, effervescent innovator and all-round good bloke Shane Steadman dropped around a box of Vertra Sunscreen.  It's epic sun protection for surfing and any water-based pursuits.  We'll be giving away 2 x 70ml tubes valued at $25 each everyday for the next 2 week - All you've got to do is snap a photo of anything to do with the sun, post it on Instagram and tag @sproutdaily with the hashtag #futurecovered.  We'll pick the most appealing photo of the day and they'll score the Verta.  Simple!  Prizes can be collected from Aloha Manly Style.

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