:: Change of Season

You probably noticed this morning that we left Summer behind and entered the glorious season of Autumn.  I love the in-between seasons the best!  Not quite Summer, not quite Winter;  they're a little more feisty; a bit unsettled and random.  You never know what you're going to get but you can count on them being active as Summer rolls over to Winter and visa versa.  With wind, rain and a top of a megre 21˚C today, you could be forgiven for cursing Autumn, but give it a chance. The wind is currently 25knots from the SSE and unless you're tucked right up in the southern corner, you're going to get blown off the beach today.  OUt to sea, there's a Southerly windswell building and a decent Easterly groundswell approaching.  Should be plenty of energy out in the ocean this weekend, you'll just have to find a spot out of the wind. ∆ Murray

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