Dawn Silhouettes

The Tasman is as flat as a pancake today.  The charts online are showing a couple of feet of South swell but the reality is the ocean is barely breathing.  I saw one guy out on a longboard at Queensie when I snuck down for a swim at 7:30 but other than that it was all clear.  If you're dead keen for a paddle maybe duck your head around to Freshie or Curl Curl and you might find a touch more of that swell. Perfect morning for the daily dawn activities that go down at South Steyne.  The O&B and the B&B were both out and about early making for some beautiful silhouettes against a glowing horizon.  Sunrise today was at 7:00am on the dot. Days are short so make the most of it.

A little shout out to the folk at Virgin Australia for getting me home only a day late.  It was a sweet little impromptu holiday in the end.  No complaints.

DAILYMurray Fraser