:: Costiera Amalfitana 


I'm not sure the Italian's are morning people.  Dinner doesn't really get served until well after 9 in the evening and if you're in bed by midnight you've had an early night. Little wonder they mastered the art of espresso. After a couple of days on the Amalfi Coast I've come to realised it's an 'afternoon' kind of place.  The afternoon is when the sun lights up the cliff tops and beaches and people stroll down to take up a leisurely position on a warm rock or sundeck.

It's late in the afternoon when the magic really happens - the aperitivo's flow and the golden-hour light illuminates one of earth's most dramatic coasts as the sun slips into the sea somewhere beyond Capri.  It's really something quite special.

The Amalfi Coast is not just amazing to look at.  It's cultural and historic heritage is so rich it's recogonised as a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Add it to your bucket list!

I just checked the cam's back home - look's as those Sydney has a solid South swell on the run and a cool little offshore breeze!  Hope you're scoring!



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