:: Cinquecento


Today's Sprout Daily is coming to you from the passenger seat of a Cinquecento, The Fiat 500. We're in the comfortable re-release Cinquecentro but there's plenty of the original classics still getting around. They're quintessentially Italian and the perfect little car for the tight turns of the Amalfi and narrow lanes of the old towns and villages. Forget about parking your Commodore or city bound 4x4 over here. It's 800+ kilometres from Amalfi back to Milan; this morning the warm sunshine of Praiano Amalfi, tomorrow cold drizzle in Milan.  Italy is a country where refined sophistication sits comfortably next to old world simplicity.  Taste never goes out of fashion and simply is savoured - pasta with cheese and pepper; a salad of rocket and pomodorini; bread with olive oil - all fresh and all local.  It's the good life! If there were waves I could live here.

I see it's been pumping back home!  6ft+ of solid South swell yesterday and only a touch smaller this morning. Sounds like a good life too!  Enjoy the waves, and save some for me.  I'll be home on Friday.

Local yogi Nadine Lafleur is opening the doors of Luxe Yoga in Brookvale this weekend. Sounds like it's going to be a fresh space offering a variety of yoga practice; even Broga! There's opening special's and if you drop Sprout Daily on your first visit you'll score a complimentary smoothie.


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