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How was your long weekend?  I spent Australia Day over at Bondi with the crew from Havaiana's shooting their annual Thong Challenge.  The swell was a solid 4-6ft and pushing up on the rocks at North Bondi so reluctantly the organisers had to pull the races and water activities.  It would have been chaos in the water!  Imagine 2000 inflatable thongs and paddlers riding barnacles on the North Bondi rock shelf! Was great to get back to Manly and soak up the public holiday atmosphere yesterday.  Shelly Beach was perfectly out of the wind and doing it's best impersonation of a Mediterranean cove with luxury cruisers, paddleboards and green water.

This morning we were back to Nor-East wind swell and a light early onshore after a weekend of decent sized South Swell.  A couple of grommets were making it look good at Queenscliff but reality was a different story for most of the line up.  More Nor-East swell and wind during the week.

Back into it tomorrow! :: Murray

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