:: Australian Alpine


It's been a long time since I've been to the snow. So long in fact that I was pretty nervous wondering if I'd even manage to off-load the chairlift! This year they're having a cracking season down on the Australian Alps.  Those same cold-fronts pushing the regular South swell's up the coast usual drop a heap of snow on the mountains before spinning off into the Tasman.

Late last weeks, after a couple of days making track and hiding out from the wind in the tree-lines of Thredbo, we lucked out with an absolute perfect day; no wind, bluest sky and just the right temperature to keep the snow fast and fresh.

It was so nice a day we couldn't bare to waste a minute standing in a lift line. So, from Australia's highest lifted point, we wandered through the fence and out towards Kosciuszko to hike, make tracks and enjoy the Australian Alpine environment.  So beautiul up there!

There's 10cm of fresh snow at Thredbo this morning and good forecast for the week ahead - Better get down...  or hang here for the South Swell.