:: August Flash


It's pretty grim out there today. The swell's up but so is the onshore wind and it's not such an inviting outlook.  Cold. Windy, Grey.  Mind you, crowds are way down so you'd be picking them off. I had a walk back through the archives of past August posts and found these from 12 August 2012.  2012!  Man, that feel's like ages ago!

Nine days forward and four years back we had a solid South Swell, Deadman's was breaking with a core crew of locals including Dayyan Neve and a very young Sam Jones.  Little Manly Beach was littered with boats that had broke their moorings overnight with the Southerly Change. Flash forward to today and it's not too far from what's going on out there right now.

Let's hope it's a little more inviting tomorrow; or Deadies is breaking.


DAILYMurray Fraser