:: Alpenhorn Call


Russian Alpenhorn virtuoso Arkady Shilkloper entertained the Early Birds this morning with a dawn performance on the steps of The Corso.  While some were there specifically to see Shilkloper, others would have enjoyed the deep tones of the Swiss Alpine Horn unaware of the recital taking place.  Must have been quite pleasant to be sitting in the water, jogging on the soft sand or training whilst listening to Arkady. - Nice one Sydney Festival - bring more performances over this side of the bridge! Arkady's alphorn call must have summoned the waves as there were some neat little peelers about this morning.  It's best suited to logs, fish, and anything with a little extra foam but get in the water before the Northerly gets into it.

Parko in Town :: Newly crowned World Surfing Champion Joel Parkinson is going to be in town this afternoon saying g'day to fans and signing merchandise.  2-4pm at the new Surf Dive 'n' Ski Store in The Corso.  This guys deserved a huge pat on the back and a big crowds expected.

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