#4 - Beau's AOS Journal


Friday 6 February - Journal Entry No. 4 Today the swell dropped quite a bit but it was very clean. I started the day coaching and helping Alex Hayes prepare for the pro junior that's scheduled to start tomorrow. The session was a little frantic and seemed to be a bit of a fight trying to get waves.

After Alex's session was over I headed back down the beach with Holly Wawn for a surf ourselves. Today with the conditions I was riding a step down 5'8 warner surfboard sea eagle model and the board goes amazing.

My preparation today changed from me focusing on consistency to really start to push and grind through my turns. I find its always better to build up to things as I get better out of my surfing that way. The finishes were also a focus and making sure I had good variety of manoeuvre's not just airs.

I've been receiving so much support from everyone for the competition and it really has been amazing. The nerves have kind of gone and now I'm more excited and ready to compete, what ever happens I'm going to do my best and put everything I have into it. As Lleyton Hewitt would say "Cooommmeoooonnnn"

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