#3 - Beau's AOS Journal


Thursday 5 February - Journal Entry No. 3 This morning I was up early again and headed straight to manly to try my boards on the competition bank. The drive down to the beach always gives me time to wake up, I suppose the coffee helps too. The surf was 3-4ft and onshore but some super fun waves around but very few surfers out. My focus for today was getting my consistency to my surfing, I was working on keeping a high completion rate and riding a lot of waves so I wasn't ever sitting too long.

After the surf I went and caught up with Murray for coffee no 2 before heading to coach Narrabeen sports high. Murray and I started talking about the competitive mindset and what it entails to compete at your best. Barton lynch years ago told me the reason I was not in the top 20 in the world was because of what was going on in my head, the answer to fixing it was in a book "The Inner Game of Tennis".  I thought he was joking but sure enough before the Europe leg of the WQS I read the book and went from no: 220 in the world to 17th in 5 events!! That success was short lived as the next yr I had a really bad ankle injury and was not able to continue chasing the dream. On the up side this event will give me a chance to re-use the things I learnt.

Tomorrow my preparation for the event will be preparing others for the event, Davey Cathels, Holly Wawn and Alex Hayes, it's getting closer.

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