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Woke up at 4am this morning.  Was suffering that micro jet lag you get for a day or so when you make a minor time change to your wrist watch but the body clock doesn't move forward.  It's good to be back but it was cold here at 4am!  Had me longing for the fiery gas heater of the camper. There's 1 to barely 2 foot of swell crawling in this morning.  There's not a lot of push to it but every now and one pops up out of nowhere and if you're in the right spot with the right equipment you're styling!   Tomorrow's looking interesting;   4-6ft of straight south swell.  We won't see the full effect of that swell in Manly but it's going to be bigger than today that's for sure.

To all those that ordered prints while I was in NZ, I'm onto to your orders today.   Cheers for your patience! :: Murray

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