:: Whipped Up

How was that wind last night!  My windows were rattling like crazy and the rain was coming in horizontally.   It's been a while since we've had that sort of weather but reassuring to sit back and know that there'd be a decent bit of swell getting whipped up. There were some sizeable chunks of ocean moving around out there this morning but the swell was in need of a good offshore grooming and some time to settle.     So far today the wind's mostly had a Northerly direction with just a hint of Westerly angle - only really good for the tight Northern corners.  Could be worth a look later this afternoon or there may even be a bit of swell left over tomorrow.

It's not often I flick the switch to monochromatic but heavy sky's, steel fences and wet concrete are all-time conditions for high contrast black and white photography.  Hope you enjoy. :: Murray