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Did you get your fill of waves over the weekend?  It looked like there were some good moments from what I saw. This morning the ENE swell is hanging in there although at first light the onshore wind and ultra-low tide wasn't too complimentary. There were a couple of grommets making the most of their pre-school surfing opportunity but it was tough for the rest of the crowd. I took a look just before noon and it's looking way better now with a little more water on the banks and the wind had dropped to almost nothing.   Get out there if you can!

You've probably heard of Surfer's Ear right?  If you haven't it's a bone growth that restricts  the ear canal and is common among surfers and swimmers in colder climates.  After a 12 months of almost complete deafness in my right ear I finally had the surgery to have the growth removed last Thursday.  I've got 6 weeks out of the water and I'm pretty sure that's why the swell arrived on Friday.

Catch you soon (I should be able to hear you next time!)

:: Murray

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