Wet One


I'm staying indoors today.  The wind is blowing in from the Nor-East and it's raining the kind of rain that doesn't pour but sprinkles just enough to require the services of a decent umbrella.  I'm sure the bureau must have a term for it.  The waves might be up again but it's wind affected,  Still probably worth a paddle to loosen up after the wave drought we've had the last few weeks.  Sunday is looking the pick for the weekend with some offshore love on the charts.  Bring it! I took a walk down to the Wharf this morning.  There's a certain moody atmosphere about the place on a rainy day that I really dig.  You'll see what I mean.  On the way back I stopped out front of Humphrey's where Kathy, Dianne and Winifred from the Australian Heart/Lung Transplant Association were selling all sorts of treats.  I scored a couple of mini Christmas Puddings, a slice of White Christmas and some of Winifred's special Raspberry Jam.  That'll help me through this rainy day!   Get down their quick smart of you're anywhere near the Corso as they'll sell out today for sure!

If you're off to Mike Baird's Community Fundraising Cocktail Event tonight make sure you go big on the bidding!  If you're planning on taking home The Ultimate Surf Package which includes a Bennett Longboard, Surfing Lessons and of course a beautiful framed Sprout Daily Print you'll have to get your arm higher than Jon Cunningham who's already donning the boardies and clearing wall space for his new print.  Happy Bidding - All for a great cause!

Oh yeah and a couple of other things happening tonight.  It's DAVEFEST 2011 at The Mona Vale Hotel - Always a rocking time! GET THERE TONIGHT!!   - Also The Shop Next Door presents a sneak preview of surf filck El Mar Mi Alma tonight when film maker Stephen Jones puts on a stills slide show.  Tonight from 6:30.  Man!!  So much on!!

Take it easy - See you Monday

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